ACAT assessment - how to retain privacy

After a previous experience, I am not happy about an ACAT person entering our home. How can we avoid this invasion? There was also a telephone dicussion prior to that “assessment” - none of which was actually taken on board by the assessor. Can we insist that all communication be done in writing so I have a record? Thanks in advance!

Seems we do need to panic. There is FIVE MONTH wait yo get an ACAT appointment.So book in early, peeps! I was asked if it “urgent”. Well, just how does"urgent"? I’m wondering what their priorities are and why the wait. Clearly, things have been getting worse, not better. We are only talking some paperwork here. It’s not like we need Rome bu

Thanks, Jill. No, the conversation was with an ACAT person - not a call centre. Since we do not wish to apply for home assistance, they would not need to come here to JUDGE. In fact. we don’t actaully WANT to apply for anything. It is the nursing homes who insist on ACAT assessments. shrug It is a huge relief to know we hav

Hi Noisy,I am not sure you can avoid the ACAT member coming to your home - it all depends on your circumstances.Their job is to assess whether you need help in the home and so may need to see your physical home to judge that. If you feel that you dont need help in the home or you specifically are looking to move to an aged care home the ACAT team may agree to meet you at another venue such as your GP’s office or even their own office.If you are in hospital the social worker may ask them to visit you there as well.Regarding the phone conversdation, it is likely you had it with the myagedcare call centre. While their operatorts are trained to take down information they do not have the skills of the ACAT team. If you do talk to the ACAT team member by phone ask them to take the inforamtion down but they will still need to meet with you (if you are the client).Either way they do have to meet with you or the person you are representing - it cant all be done by correspondence.You will receive a written essment in the mail approximatly 2-3 wqeeks after they meet you and you have the right to question/discuss any part of it.If you go to Section 3 in Aged Care on our web site all this is covered.Hope this helps.Regards,Jill