24 hour home care

I have an unusual situation. My mother in law (83) is on level 3 homecare. She is well looked after at home with a package provider and my sister in law who lives with mum And is her carer

My sister in law has stage 4 matastisized cancer and has reached palliative care levels. Looking for advice as to how can we keep mum at home after my sister in law goes into hospital or passes away?

Mum is a falls risk and we worry she will not be able to look after herself when my sister in law passes away. Is there any services we can get for during the day to keep her at home? Or would it be best to have her reassessEd for an Aged care facility. She does have an medical alert buzzer

any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Hi Dyzzy17,
I am sorry to hear of your family’s situation. I would definitely arrange for your mother to have a new ACAT assessment. You can apply for a new ACAT after 12 months or if there has been a change in an applicant’s situation. Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to arrange. The assessor will be able to guide you as to whether she feels your mother will manage with a level 4 ( assuming she is elevated to the higher needs package) or whether she would have her needs better met by moving into residential aged care. A level 4 package is worth $50,750 If it is felt that your mother can manage with a level 4 package then her care plan with her provider will include input from the ACAT assessment, the assessor and your mother (and family). Remember your mother c an change providers if her current one is not able to address her care needs. Depending on your mother’s care needs one option may be to supplement the Home care package herself if she can afford to do so to give her the extra services non the package. If this is the case then you have to decide whether it is better both financially and emotionally for her to move into a residential care situation where she will have 24 hour care and support. This is obviously a big decision for you all. I hope this helps.